Earlier this week Nintendo announced the release date of their next mobile game, Dragalia Lost, as well as opening pre-registration for fans.

Dragalia Lost is set to hit a select few territories on September 27, Nintendo revealed during a special Direct earlier this week. Those territories include the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Nintendo also went into a bit of detail about the upcoming game, which is a fantasy action-RPG that features fairies and dragons, it’s also being co-developed by Cygames. In the game, players build their own party of characters and head off on an adventure to save the Kingdom of Alberia from mysterious evil forces.

These characters come in a variety of shapes and forms and can even transform into powerful dragons to unleash epic attacks on their foes. There’ll be over 60 characters that players can add to their party throughout the course of the game.

Dragalia Lost

Unlike other party-based mobile titles, players will be battling in real time using different gestures to unleash attacks. They can drag across the screen to move characters, tapping and holding to attack, and flicking on-screen to dodge incoming attacks.

Of course, the game will also include premium currency which can be used to level up characters and purchase in-game items. Free currency will also be in the game which can be earned through normal play.

As for multiplayer aspects, Dragalia Lost will also have synchronous multiplayer where up to three other players can experience the main story adventure together and even take part in raids.

The full Mobile Direct can be seen below which offers a glimpse at gameplay:

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