Dragon Quest Builders 2 is set to launch on December 20 in Japan, Nintendo has announced. Does this mean a 2019 release for the west?

While Square Enix has been keeping quiet about the western release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, Nintendo Japan has hopefully given us an indication of when we can expect the next game. Over on Twitter, Nintendo Japan has revealed that the game will be hitting Japan on December 20.

This leaves very little room for a western release this side of 2018, so it’s likely that an early 2019 release is on the cards, though with Dragon Quest Builders we did have to wait ten months… Here’s hoping Square doesn’t have us waiting for too long.

The release date was also unveiled during a pretty lengthy livestream of the game which you can catch below:

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Here’s hoping we hear something more about Dragon Quest Builders 2‘s western release real soon.

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