Earth Defense Force 5 to Invade the West This Year

D3 Publisher has announced that Earth Defense Force 5 will be launching on PS4 in North America later this year.

Time to get ready for an invasion of multi-legged proportions as Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to bring more gigantic bug aliens to earth, from ants to spiders, to frogs, and it’s up for players to keep the earth safe from these enormous beings. Hell, there’s even a fucking massive frog trotting around with an equally massive rifle.

D3 Publisher has also teased that the game will see a new type of “hyper-intelligent” enemy from a “mysterious planet” named Primer, so that’s pretty interesting. Either way, I’m pretty excited for the game’s over the top chaos that the series is known for.

Earth Defense Force 5 is set to come with both Standard and Deluxe Editions, with the Deluxe Edition coming with a pass for all of the game’s future DLC, a handful of extra missions, weapons, and plenty more.

Sadly, we’re yet to get an actual solid release date for the game, all we know is that it’ll be here by Fall.

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