Holospark has today announced that their squad-based shooter, Earthfall, will be receiving at least three months of post-launch DLC.

Over the next three months, plenty of new content is coming to Earthfall including Player Progression and a brand new Horde Mode. What’s even better, all of the content coming in the DLC roadmap will be free to all players.

Starting in August, a brand new level “Inferno” will be added to the game as well as two new enemies, the Fire Spitter and Fire Sapper. Player outfits and Weapon skins will also be added in this smaller DLC drop along with a new weapon.

In September, the game’s second DLC will arrive bringing new outfits, weapons, and weapon skins.

Finally, come October, the game’s biggest DLC will land bringing Horde Mode. This mode will have players set up fortifications against the alien invaders, holding on as long as they can as the aliens become stronger after each wave. In addition, Player Progression will have players leveling up to 50 earning XP to unlock outfits, weapons, and abilities.

Check out some of the upcoming features in the trailer below:

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Earthfall is currently available on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. In our review, we wrote “Overall, Earthfall is a great homage to the cooperative FPS titles of old. The game isn’t trying to re-invent the wheel, simply improve it.” giving it an overall score of 6/10.

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