Fallout 76‘s recently announced Perk Cards can’t be purchased with real money, Bethesda has revealed.

Since Bethesda announced their rebranding of ‘perks’ as ‘perk cards’ in the upcoming Fallout 76, fans have been speculating that this indicated that you would be able to purchase abilities through micro-transactions in the game. Bethesda has now allayed these concerns by specifying that perk cards will only be obtainable through leveling up in-game.

When Fallout 76 was announced back in May, many long-time fans of the series, including myself, have been concerned with the direction Bethesda seems to be taking the series. It is as though Bethesda doesn’t really know what to do with the property and just try to transform Fallout into whatever is popular at the time. Fallout 4 tried to become a shooter with Minecraft base-building elements. Now Bethesda wants to turn Fallout into a multi-player bonanza, with micro-transactions, in-game currency, and 14-year-olds nuking your house.

Despite all this, it is welcome news that Bethesda won’t be pawning off perk cards for money, and suggests that some integrity remains at the company. I really did expect them to sink that low, so well done for surprising me Todd Howard. Then again, after all the terrible press EA got for Star Wars: Battlefront II selling abilities to the highest bidder, is it any wonder that Bethesda managed to avoid that particular blunder? Either way, at least everyone who is excited for Fallout 76 can rest assured that they won’t be outclassed by a pre-teen just because he stole his dad’s credit card.

Fallout 76 E3 Screenshot

Additionally, this is not to say that there will be no micro-transactions in Fallout 76, just that they will be for cosmetic content only. This is about the only time I feel micro-transactions are appropriate. After all, in the ocean of tossers that is multiplayer gaming, it can get a little hard to tell if a player up ahead is a decent human being or a total bell-end. Purchased cosmetic items offer a nice little visual shorthand that the person belongs in the latter category, and I can only thank the gaming industry for providing this service.

Bethesda has also been very quiet as to just how expensive these cosmetic items will be. Fallout 4’s Creation Club service was controversial in its pricing of cosmetic mods, so it remains to be seen if Bethesda has learned anything since then.

Fallout 76 is due to be released on November 14, 2018. You can check out the trailer below.

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What do you think about this announcement? Do you think Bethesda have made the right decision to restrict micro-transactions to cosmetic items? Or do you think there should be no microtransactions at all?

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