Fallout 76’s ‘A New American Dream’ trailer was recently released and highlighted one particularly important point of the upcoming game – what YOU as a member of Vault 76 will be doing when your time comes to join the wonderful, irritated and hostel wasteland we’ve come to know and love.

What’s your mission you may ask? To rebuild society of course – no pressure! The new trailer features Vault Boy showing off C.A.M.P (Construction And Assembling Mobile Platform) as he attempts to find the perfect place to set up in the wasteland.

While clearing out and building settlements was apart of a side quest for the Minute Men in Fallout 4, it seems like a semblance of that will be returning for Fallout 76! This time around, there’s a lot more customization that goes into building. And as strong as your settlement may look, location is everything because you never know what (or who) might come knocking in the wastes.

So get ready to scrounge for parts, scout out locations and beat back the nasty beasts who have moved in when Reclamation day rolls around!

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