EA Sports has announced that FIFA 19 will come with a brand new mode titled Survival Mode, as well as some changes to the game’s Kick Off mode.

Is this EA Games’ attempt at bringing a Battle Royale mode to FIFA? It sure sounds like it, but no, it’s not… kind of. It’s still a last-man-standing mode, however rather than you trying to be the last person alive out of 100 people, your team of 11 will slowly whittle down to one each time a goal is scored.

Every time a player scores a goal in FIFA 19‘s Survival Mode, one of their team will, at random, leave the pitch. This will happen until there are seven players left on either team as the game will follow traditional football rules. So players simply need to score five goals to win, adding a strategic element to the game, which is pretty interesting.

In addition, Kick Off mode is returning to FIFA 19, which will allow players to quick play various modes from within the game including licensed matches like the FA Cup Final. There’ll also be a house rules mode for Kick-off which will let players choose pre-set match types, including one with no rules so you can pretend you’re back on the playground. There’s also a Headers and Volleys pre-set where only header and volley goals count.

It sounds like there’s plenty in store for FIFA 19 players when the game launches later this year on September 28.

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