Epic Games has added the ability for Fortnite players to thank the bus driver when diving out of the battle bus thanks to a fan petition.

Around a month ago, a petition was started calling for Epic Games to implement a feature in Fortnite which players can “thank the bus driver”. What could be considered the most British thing in history, it seemed unlikely that Epic would include such a bizarre feature. But… they have.

Now, Fortnite players can press down on the D-Pad (on consoles) or the B key (on PC) to thank the bus driver. Isn’t that nice?

Right now there’s really no point to this other than making you feel like you’ve given the driver the satisfaction he or she deserves for allowing you to drop to your death, but maybe in the not so distant future, there’ll be some kind of challenge?

Thank you, bus driver.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games has recently rolled out a new patch which has added a new consumable to the game… Portable Rifts. Find out more about those, and the other changes, right here.

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