Krypton premieres on UK TV this Sunday and will follow the adventures of Superman’s grandad. Along for the ride on this adventure on Superman’s home planet is space hero Adam Strange.

These days a superhero TV show, movie, or any kind of Superhero multimedia has to have a few universe building cameos of point scoring references for the fans to notice, so with that in mind I’ve come up with four other DC superheroes I’d like to see in the upcoming Krypton series.

Green Lantern:

Since Krypton is set a few decades or so before the age of superheroes, the appearance of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or even Guy Gardener will be pretty slim.

Also, since Krypton and Earth are in different space sectors, Abin Sur might be a no. Unless he’s teaming up with The Green Lantern of Krypton‘s sector.

You never know, Sinestro (Hal Jordan’s arch nemesis) could turn up, since he was originally a Green Lantern before he was kicked out for using tactics that involved fear and evil doings.

Legion of Superheroes:

Legion of Superheroes

The superhero team from the 31st Century was originally a bunch of teens with powers who became superheroes as they were inspired by the legend of Superman. Though, this might not be the case anymore, since the team has been subject to numerous revisions over the years with things being added and subtracted.

In most versions though, time travel gets involved and the team got sent to the present day. Maybe the team goes back in time to see the humble beginning of their inspiration?


The monster that looks like a mix of the grey Hulk with a few flecks of The Thing had humble beginnings as a monster from Krypton. Is he lurking around Krypton in Supermans grandad era? It’s likely.



One of the Supermen looking to replace the original during the Death of Superman storyline had a complex origin as being described as a complex supercomputer from Krypton.

Maybe the show could do something fun with him?


Have you got any better ideas? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

Krypton premieres in the UK on E4 on Sunday at 9 pm.

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