It’s The Aliens Rangers to the rescue as the Power Rangers find themselves indisposed. Though don’t the look a lot like Ninjas Well, of course, they look likes Ninjas, since the costumes and footage have come from the Super Sentai show, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

The purpose of this mini-series was to usher the end of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and unleash the brand spanking new Zeo Rangers. Though, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

So the premise is simple, Rita and Lord Zedd have turned the Rangers into kids and they can’t morph. The Alien Rangers from the planet Aquitar step in and protect Earth. Their home planet is a place of water, bad head prosthetics, and cheap voice effects.

Meanwhile, the kid rangers are sent off on separate time travelling quests to restore their age by bringing back parts of the Zeo Crystal which becomes very important later on as it becomes the source of their new powers.

So that’s the concept, and here are four facts about this season of Power Rangers.

Aisha (the yellow ranger) is replaced:

During her quest to find her part of the Zeo Crystal, Aisha is sent back in time to Africa. As she searches for her part of the Zeo Crystal, she makes friends with a young girl called Tanya.

Aisha decides she can help out the village with her veterinary skills so she sends Tanya back to the present in her place. Thus, when the Rangers return to their rightful age, Tanya is turned into a teenager with the mind of a child.

Similar to Spider-woman and almost the plot to Tom Hanks’ Big.

Rocky is played one of the kids from the 3 Ninjas Franchise

The child version of Red Ranger, Rocky is played by Mike Olaskey, A.K.A. Colt from the 3 Ninjas movie franchise.

Olaskey went on to become an amateur MMA fighter with his core style being Jeet Kune Do which lead to him having four championships to his name.

Plans are even being discussed between him and Blake Foster (Blue Turbo Ranger with a background in martial arts as like Taekwondo) for an MMA fight.

First non-human rangers

Up to this point, the Power Rangers had all been human, until the Aquitar Rangers rolled up and even expanded the idea that Zordon’s teens with attitudes weren’t the only Power Rangers out there. something that becomes clearer in later parts of the franchise.

The Power Rangers first female leader

Thanks to Tommy, the idea of the White Ranger being the leader of the Power Rangers wasn’t new with White Alien Ranger leading the Alien Rangers.

Though the milestone was that it marked the first female leader of a team of Power Rangers.

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