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With Season 3 of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the 90s were in full swing and the franchise has hit the milestone: a full feature movie joining noble franchises like Star Trek as TV shows that were given the cinematic treatment.

So everything was going pretty well for the franchise at this point right? Well… Not really. Toy sales were down and the movie wasn’t the money making mega-hit it should’ve been.

Though I digress, Season 3 sees a lot of changes as Rita’s brother, Rito, turns up and destroys the Megazords leading the Rangers to find another power source. Thus they can access the Ninjetti which includes new costumes, fancier fight scenes, and of course new Zords.

This time, Saban adapted from a Ninja themed Super Sentai show, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, so here are four facts about what else went down in Season 3 of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Kimberly left the Power Rangers and was replaced with a new Pink Ranger:

That’s right, the Pink Ranger, the 90s girl-next-door left the team.

Amy Jo Johnson decided to leave and Kimberly left Angel Grove as part of a multi-episode story arc which saw Kat, the former croony of Rita and Zedd, take her place on the team.

All that’s left of the original five, was Billy.

The show adapted the story of the movie:

The movie was set in a different universe, explaining the different costumes and sets, so the show decided to tie-in with the movie by adapting the narrative.

One of the first multi-episode stories of the season followed a new villain arriving and destroying the Power Rangers ability to morph and needing to discover the Ninjetti power source.

The movie also followed a new villain arriving and destroying the Power Rangers ability to morph and needing to discover the Ninjetti power source.

So, pretty similar right?

Four Facts About Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 3 - n3rdabl3

The Masked Rider Crossover was made non-canon:

Alpha gets a call from his home planet asking for assistance in defeating the evil Count Dragon. The Rangers go on a holiday to the Planet Edenoi and meet the Masked Rider.

What people didn’t know was that Masked Rider was another of Saban’s attempts to turn live action Japanese superheroes in a Western-friendly show.

This time, it was the turn of Kamen Rider, however, the show wasn’t received well and was canceled after one season and the creator of the show revoked the rights from Saban.

It was such a bomb that the crossover was made non-canon.

Billy stopped wearing glasses:

In real life, David Yost the actor that portrayed Billy didn’t need to wear glasses, after a while, they began to affect his sight.

For the movie, he didn’t wear any, since it was set in a different universe, so the continuity didn’t matter.

In the show, a throwaway comment mention he’d stopped wearing glasses and they moved on…

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