Who doesn’t have fond memories of the hit eighties cartoon Thundercats? Funko knows that many do, and have added Thundercats figures to their Savage World line of figures accordingly.

Although the figures won’t be available until November, Lion-O, Mumm-ra, Panthro, and Slithe are all available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth right now. Other figures available for preorder in the Savage World line are of classic horror villains such as Pinhead from Hellraiser and Michael Meyers from Halloween. These will be out a bit earlier, shipping in October.

Funko’s Savage World line definitely looks a bit different from their well-known POP! figures. The design actually pays a bit of an homage to the action figures associated with another classic eighties hit, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Those figures had the same look, with an overly-buff torso and sort of tiny legs.

It’s unknown right now whether any other Thundercats characters will join the lineup, but it’s hard to imagine a good Thundercats showdown without Tygra, and Snarf as an accessory, and… Well, we’ll just have to see how these first few figures in the line do on the market!

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