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Gamescom 2018: Biomutant Drops New Gameplay

The Midas Touch... kind of...

We have finally received another look at the slick new action-RPG from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, Biomutant.

The new demo gives us a great look at character customization, combat, traversal and the world you’ll be exploring. Personally, I’m not sure how I’ll feel about that old British dude narrating everything I do, but who knows, maybe it won’t be that annoying.

The combat looks to be rather fast-paced. Based on what was shown it seems like it will be a combination of Batman and Ninja Gaiden. Your character jumps and dodges around the field, slashing their way in and out of enemy groups, while damage counters let you know how hard you’re hitting.

The interesting thing about Biomutant is how your character mutates on the fly by interacting with things around them. At one point in the video, they step on a soapy puddle and just like that they’re now able to project a “mucus ball” around them. That ball lets you roll over anything that’s in front of you and snatch it up, enemies included. It’s these interesting mechanics that make me extremely curious how far Experiment 101 has taken things.

Biomutant Screenshot

Will I be able to touch a torch and that somehow lets me shoot fireballs? If my character touches a web, will they be imbued with Spider-Man powers? While these sound outlandish, this game seems to fully embrace the odd, quirky, and outrageous, so I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to think that something like what I just mentioned would be a possibility.

The game does look, at times, like it could use some more polish though. Thankfully, we don’t have a release date yet so hopefully the studio can get things touched up. Check out the gameplay video for yourself below, and be sure to check back with us here at n3rdabl3 as we continue to follow this promising new IP.

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