Skybound Entertainment has this week launched GammaRay, a brand new content platform which takes a look behind the scenes all of our favorite nerd and pop culture fandoms.

GammaRay is a brand new content platform that’s set to deep dive into the world of pop culture, from taking a more detailed look at some of pop culture’s iconic fight scenes with The Fighting Show, to celebrating artists’ work and their fandom with Popcraft. There’s something for everyone.

What makes GammaRay possible is that it’s backed by partners Skydance, Third Wave Ventures and C Ventures. What’s more, the whole venture is backed by David Alpert, producer of The Walking Dead, as GammaRay CEO. Also on the team is COO Do Duong.

“Skybound’s track record engaging super fans and building franchises that cross traditional, digital, social, and e-commerce gives GammaRay an incredible leg up,” said GammaRay COO Do Duong.

GammaRay Video Thumbnail

Duong continued, “Even in stealth mode over the past few months, we’ve been adding hundreds of thousands, and soon millions, of users and video views and see a clear path to overtaking the current leaders in our category.”

GammaRay can be found on YouTube where fans will be able to see The Fighting Show, Popcraft, and The List Show which features lists of some of the top-ten things in pop and nerd culture. It can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

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