Wired Productions has this week announced the release date for flipping car combat game, GRIP: Combat Racing.

Remember those RC cars back in the 90s, you know the ones, which could crash into walls only to flip over and drive away? A swift Google tells me that it’s the Tyco Rebound, and my god did I want one. Unfortunately, that never happened. There’s good news though because GRIP: Combat Racing is basically Tyco Rebound, the video game.

Well, actually, GRIP: Combat Racing is basically the spiritual successor to Rollcage from the late 90s. The game even has some veteran Rollcage developers at the helm, so if you remember that game, you’ll likely love this one too.

Come November 6, players will be able to take the wheel of this fast-paced futuristic racer as they jump, flip, roll, and smash their way through various tracks and other vehicles like there’s no tomorrow. And if they pre-order through GAME in the UK, they’ll grab themselves a lovely Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit; as well as the Vortex Rim Pack; and five pre-order exclusive vehicle decals.

In total there’ll be 22 tracks which players will be able to take one of 15 armored cars sporting an array of 9 weapons and powerups to get the upper hand on the track destroying other players and certain destructive parts of the environment.

Check out the release announcement trailer for GRIP: Combat Racing below:

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GRIP: Combat Racing is currently available on PC via Steam.

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