Harmonix, the company most well known for their Rock Band franchise of rhythm games, has announced a partnership with Korean company NCSOFT which involves a multiplatform publishing deal.

It looks like Harmonix are back to making video games after the poor reception of Rock Band 4 and the success of their music board game, DropMix, as a brand new partnership with Lineage and Blade & Soul creators NCSOFT has been forged to work on a brand new video game.

Details on what the game may be are currently under wraps, or simply, the idea isn’t there yet as it’s apparently “still in extremely early stages of development”. It is however set to launch on PC and consoles. NCSOFT will be publishing the title with Harmonix focusing on development.

In the announcement, Dr. Songyee Yoon, president of NCSOFT said: “This partnership is representative of NCSOFT’s ambition to reach beyond the PC and mobile MMORPG space with new and innovative titles,” which likely means that this new title won’t be a PC or mobile MMORPG. In a follow-up quote from Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix, it looks as if they’re working on another music game.

“NCSOFT’s stellar reputation as a partner, combined with its incredible publishing expertise, means that we can focus fully on developing our next genre-defining music experience. I am fully confident they will help deliver what I genuinely believe will be a one-of-a-kind game.”

Here’s hoping it does better than the last Rock Band game.

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