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HBO Teases “New” Game of Thrones Footage

The definition of a tease

HBO has released a snippet of new footage for the upcoming series of Game of Thrones, and what a big ol’ tease it is.

Picture this, you go out with your significant other for a night on the town. The two of you are having fun, rubbing each other’s leg under the table, teasing one another as the night drags on, you think to yourself “Fuck yea, I’m getting laid tonight!” You get home, they put on some skimpy clothes, you start rubbing one another. You roll over to get a drink of water and when you turn back around to kick things off… they’re fucking asleep.

That, in a nutshell, is essentially what this “new footage” HBO released is, one huge tease.

With 2019 rapidly approaching, HBO has released a trailer for their new year of programming. Among that list is the third season of True Detective, the second coming of Big Little Lies, and last, but absolutely not least, the final season Game of Thrones. To get people excited for all of their upcoming shows they dropped a sizzle reel Sunday night before the premiere of the finale of Sharp Objects.

What was included regarding Game of Thrones was mainly (by mainly I mean 98% of the footage) clips from the seventh season? All except for an extremely brief snippet of Jon Snow hugging Sansa Stark. “OH MY FUCKING GOD NEW GAME OF THRONES FOOTAGE!!” is what we were all saying until we saw this was all there was.

Game of Thrones Teaser Screenshot

The clip shows the two siblings embracing one another in some snowy landscape. While it would be safe to assume this is in or around Winterfell, by this point in the series there is a LOT of Westeros covered in snow. Regardless, this minor clip at least shows that Jon makes it away from the events that happened in the finale, if only briefly. The clip is so fast though its impossible to tell where exactly they are or whom they’re with. If you want to try and decipher the footage for yourselves you can see it below. Personally, I’ll bar my excitement for when the REAL first tease drops, which will most likely be sometime this fall once they decide on a premiere date.

The final season of Game of Thrones is set to premiere some time in April, but that is liable to change. For more Game of Thrones be sure to check out our review(s) from last season as well as all the catching up we did to get everyone on the same page.

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