August is here and Sony has unveiled the list of games coming free to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, and honestly, I’m considering re-subscribing.

Despite the summer gaming drought being in full swing, Sony has a handful of goodies to keep you occupied ahead of some major blockbusters coming our way later this year. What’s more, PS Plus subscribers can also grab additional savings in the Summer of Plus Summer Sale on PSN.

Subscribers will also be able to grab a handful of free content for Fortnite, Fallout Shelter, and H1Z1: Battle Royale, so it’s looking pretty good for PlayStation players this month.

Anyway, let’s talk about actual games. From August 7, PS Plus Subscribers will be able to grab Mafia 3 for PS4. It’s a game which I feel didn’t quite get the hype it should have had the first time around, but hey here’s another chance to get thrown into the mob.

Mafia 3 Screenshot

If mobs aren’t your thing, then you’ll also be able to grab Dead by Daylight, also for PS4, because there’s nothing quite like pooping your pants in the middle of Summer.

Sony is feeling generous and has offered two more bonus games for PlayLink and PS VR. The first is That’s…. wait, no it’s a new game?! It seems Sony has flogged That’s You as much as they can and are now dishing out a new PlayLink party game, Knowledge is Power, which has six players face-off to become the ultimate smarty pants.

As for PS VR, players will be able to grab the dark psychological horror, Here they Lie.

At least until 2019, Sony is still committed to bringing games to PS3 and PS Vita. This month PS3 players will be able to grab Bound By Flame and Serious Sam 3: BFE, and for Vita players, they’ll be able to grab Draw Slasher and Space Hulk.

Players have until August 7 to grab last month’s offering, so if you haven’t downloaded them yet, you’ve still got a full week to do so.

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