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Gamescom 2018: Hitman 2 Legacy Pack Will Include All Six Locations from Season 1

That's pretty big news.

Hitman 2, Io Interactive’s follow up to their successful Hitman revamp in 2016, will be bringing back the maps from its first season as part of the “Legacy Pack”, the company announced today.

Paris, Hokkaido, Bangkok, Colorado, Sapienza, and Marrakesh will all receive remasters and enhanced gameplay features as they join Hitman 2. The pack will be free to anyone who owns Hitman Season 1.

This means they will all be compatible with Hitman 2’s new progression system, picture in picture mode, new gameplay items, and it’s higher-fidelity crowds. The old maps will also receive new gameplay elements and game modes after the launch of Hitman 2, following the new locations, according to Io Interactive.

Hitman 2 will bring six new environments to explore, however, Miami has been the only one revealed so far. With the other remastered/revamped levels, that means players will be able to assassinate targets across 12 maps total! That isn’t including the additional content Io is promising after launch revolving around the sequel’s Co-op Sniper Assassin Mode.

Hitman 2 Screenshot

The idea is that Hitman will become a consistently fluid, changing game whose updates will span all of the locations past, present, and future; which is quite the undertaking for Io Interactive, but one I’m sure will pay off.

“We have been through an amazing journey with our fans and community and are extremely proud of the continued love and support. This is our way to say a big thank you and give something back. We have finally revealed our long-term vision to deliver the ‘World of Assassination,’ an ever-expanding continuous universe starting from Paris in Season 1, going all the way through to the end of Hitman 2 and beyond with our future endeavors. To create a universe like this is not only an ambitious task creatively, but also technically. I am in awe and admiration with our incredibly talented team and what they have achieved.” – Hakan Abrak, CEO, IO Interactive

Be sure to check out the new trailer below and look out for Hitman 2 coming November of 2018!

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