Thanks to 23,338 backers on Kickstarter, Homestar Runner fans will finally be able to live out their dreams of burninating the countryside–in board game form!

On July 17, the creators of the popular web series Homestar Runner, Mike and Matt Chapman, along with James Ernest of Cheapass Games, opened a Kickstarter for Trogdor!! The Board Game. Their goal was $75,000, they raised over $1,421,903.

This game is cooperative, with each player gaining the ability to control Trogdor in successive turns in an attempt to burn down the entire countryside, which is made up of interchangeable land tiles. There are peasant and cottage set pieces which must be burnt as well and can help out with the players’ ultimate goal. However, the peasants can also rebuild and enlist knights and archers to fight the oddly buff but predictably destructive dragon.

Trogdor the dragon first appeared in a Strongbad Email episode in 2003, and became so popular online that his theme song even ended up on Guitar Hero II. You can check out his debut SB Email here, and play the original Trogdor game for PC here.

Trogdor!! The Board Game is due out in June 2019.

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