During Microsoft’s brief Gamescom briefing last week, the company announced that Crytek’s multiplayer hunting survival game, Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Xbox One’s Game Preview.

For those who don’t know, Hunt: Showdown is a competitive monster-hunting shooter in which players either solo or in pairs, hunt down an array of monstrous creatures in amongst a Louisiana swamp. Players who successfully capture the creature are then tasked with escaping the swamp as other players turn on each other to be the first to extract the bounty.

The game has been in Steam’s Early Access for a couple of months now, receiving fairly positive reviews, and now it’s time for the game to land on consoles.

Unfortunately, neither Microsoft or Crytek have announced when Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Game Preview, only that it will be at some point in the future. As for a PS4 release, there are currently no plans.

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