Bleach fans rejoice! In the latest Jump Force trailer, it’s been revealed that players will get so enjoy Rukia’s Bankai. While the Bankai didn’t appear in the anime, Jump Force has you covered with it in a fully formed 3D model.

With the latest trailer being the first to actually show the recently announced Bleach characters in action, Ichigo, Aizen and Rukia, fans probably weren’t expecting to be shown the Bankai. While we only get a stationary shot of it, it’s still more than fans got during the 8 year run of the Anime.

As Rukia’s powers involve ice, the Bankai turns her completely white. Her Soul Reaper robes and her change to reflect her wintery powers.

Jump Force Screenshot

Rukia’s Bankai was introduced in the manga, where fans learned of it’s ‘White Haze Punishment’ name. It allows Rukia to bring the surrounding area down to absolute zero. While seemingly far too powerful, Rukia’s body can only withstand the cold for so long, before it takes its toll. It’s probably safe to assume that Jump Force will use this ability as a one-time special attack, something similar to a Spirit Bomb.

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