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Over the weekend Studio Wildcard accidentally “leaked” a trailer for what could be its next game, currently titled Atlas.

There are very little details to go on, but the trailer dubbed “Atlas Internal Trailer 2 Final” suggests that the game could currently be showcased behind closed doors to press or to investors. Alternatively, this entire leak could be fake.

Atlas appears to be a sea fairing pirate game not unlike Sea of Thieves and Skull & Bones. In the trailer, we see a busy port which the player character is seen running through before boarding a huge Galleon-type ship full of its own crew. The trailer also sees the player steering the ship as well as engaging in battle during a storm.

At various points, close quarters combat is shown as well as some of the game’s environments players will be able to visit. There’s also a moment where players are looking for treasure using a map only to be attacked by undead skeleton pirates – not unlike Sea of Thieves.

Atlas Screenshot Taken from Leaked Trailer

The three-minute trailer has quite a bit to it and shows that Atlas could be a pretty promising game that takes elements of Sea of Thieves and adds to it, such as the ability to build your own ship as well as exploring the world on horseback (at least, I think it’s a horse), however as previously mentioned this could be entirely fake.

After a bit of sleuthing, it appears that the trailer was first “accidentally” uploaded to the ARK: Survival Evolved YouTube account which seems a little odd. Speculation has also debated whether this is DLC for ARK or whether it features modded content for the game.

There’s also word that Atlas could be unveiled at Gamescom and will actually be from Snail Games, though again this is all rumors and I’d take all of the info in this entire post with a huge fistful of salt.

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What do you think of Atlas? If it is legit, are you excited to play it, or are you already tired of this open world pirate theme?

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