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Let It Die Coming To PC This Fall

GungHo Online and Grasshopper Manufacture have announced that their free to play, Souls-lite(?), action RPG, Let it Die, will be coming to PC, via Steam, this fall.

While Let it Die was initially a PS4 exclusive, it would seem they’re looking to broaden their horizons by making the game accessible to Steam.

Let it Die has already seen some success since it’s release last year on PS4. In February 2017, the game reached 2 million downloads, followed by its second achievement in April 2018 pulling a whopping four million downloads!

For those unfamiliar with the game, Let it Die follows your player’s character(s) as they fight their way through a hellish Tower, gaining loot and weapons as they go. You’re guided by “Uncle Death”, a skateboarding grim reaper with a dry sense of humor. Your character starts in their underwear and immediately your first task is finding them some armor in hopes of surviving the personal hell you’ve been dropped into. Keeping your character’s health up is paramount as well, so finding sources of nourishment is also a necessity.

The truly differentiating mechanic of Let it Die is the game’s “death data”. When your character dies, they’re gone forever. You lose everything and are sent back to the beginning. When this happens your player data is uploaded to the game’s servers and circulated amongst other player’s games. So basically when you die, all of your items and weapons have the chance to be picked up by another player and vice-versa, assuming those players can kill your character’s “ghost”. That is the beauty and cruelty of Let it Die, in a nutshell anyway.

While it’s seen it’s fair share of successes, I’m sure when the game drops on Steam, we will see even bigger numbers for the title. Let it Die is set to release on Steam this fall, so be sure to check it out!

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