Square Enix has released the first teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2 giving us a glimpse at the powers that’ll be at play in the upcoming sequel.

Based in the same universe as the first game, Life is Strange 2 is set to feature a whole new cast of characters with stories to tell. With a whole new cast also comes a new power, and according to this new trailer, it’s telekinesis. This also matches up with what we saw in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the standalone title released just after E3.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much, it does show a police car cam driven by Officer Matthews as he calls in a “1010 in progress”, which according to a quick Google means “Fight in Progress”. The camera then skips forward a little to what looks to be a huge gust of wind which carries Matthews across the road and tips over his cruiser.

The trailer then ends letting us know that the game’s full reveal is coming on August 20, right before Gamescom, when all of our questions will be answered.

Check out the trailer below:

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