DONTNOD Entertainment’s Life is Strange universe has captivated a wide-range audience for many reasons since it’s original release, but one of those reasons was certainly the fact that it gave it’s leading roles to female characters who were exploring their sexuality.

What’s more, when it comes to Life is Strange, there are no stereotypical heroes. Throughout the emotional episodic roller-coaster, we followed a shy Max as she struggled with self-confidence and a rebellious Chloe as she dealt with the disappearance of her best friend. However, now that it’s been revealed Life is Strange 2 will be following all new leads, you may be thinking that’s the end of the line for diversity in Life is Strange games.

Well – thankfully that’s not the case! DONTNOD is still going to be touching on important issues in its upcoming game – only it’ll be shining its spotlight on a different sort of diversity with its new leads, the Diaz brothers. Being of Mexican descent, gameplay so far suggests that their heritage will play an important role in storytelling one way or another.

It’s exciting to see the studio continuing on with their relatable and real depictions of diverse character and seeing how their representation of LGBTQ+ characters had such a warm reception, it’s a sure bet that Sean and Daniel Diaz will also be written impeccably and help open up further conversation between players and fans.

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