A brand new trailer for Little Dragons Café is here, this time one which highlights the game’s stunning world.

Coming very soon from the founder of the original Harvest Moon series, Yasuhiro Wada, Little Dragons Café seems to be giving the sim genre another reinvigoration with its setting and narrative; combining a heartwarming story with dragon raising and restaurant management.

Little Dragons Café is the story of twin siblings that take over their mother’s café business after she has been put under a classic Sleeping Beauty type curse. In order to save their mother they must run the business and raise the dragon, by raising your intensely cute new pet they gain more abilities, from greater speed to eventual free flight!

As well as cooking for your town you’ll also be tasked with helping them with their problems; all while hunting for ingredients, hiring new staff (waiter, waitress, and chef) and creating new recipes.

So far Little Dragons Café looks absolutely cracking and will be hatching onto PlayStation 4 and Switch August 24, 2018, in North America, and September for Europe. Check out the trailer below for more new info!

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