With the release of Little Dragons Café just around the corner, a new Japanese trailer for the game has appeared online.

This trailer appears to focus less on the backstory of the game than actual gameplay elements that we’ve been hearing about all along, such as foraging, farming, fishing, and basic animal husbandry. It’s difficult to gather all the information given that it’s in another language, but the farming aspect appears simplified compared to Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon games, showing the player approach clumps of vegetables in order to harvest several different types at once.

There’s also some gameplay footage of what hunting is like with your dragon in Little Dragon’s Café; he just kind of smashes into an enemy, which poofs away, leaving behind some cuts of meat. Afterward, the dragon appears to have one cut in his mouth, something to consider when getting ingredients for meals. Some meals are shown, such as ramen, what appears to be a poké bowl, and meat over rice, though other trailers and screenshots have shown international cuisine as well.

We also get to see the dragon at his different life stages as he slowly grows, eventually becoming the player’s flying steed and a submersible for fishing! It seems a special gem is required to help the dragon grow up. We also get to see color customization possibilities, though some screenshots from the game that were previously released hinted at this.

We got closer looks at some secondary characters as well, some familiar faces as well as some totally new ones, such as an old man who seems more a robot than anything else, a seer, and a cheery vampire girl. It appears as if these characters have their own stories to be played out, as well.

You may view the newest trailer for Little Dragon’s Café below.

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Although the trailer above lists August 30 as the Japanese release date for Little Dragon’s Café, American sites have August 24 listed as the release date for the US and Canada, and the European edition won’t be hitting shelves until September 21, though the EU release has yet to be officially announced. Little Dragons Café will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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