The North America Scholastic Esports Federation, or NASEF, as it is more commonly known, has just named Mark Deppe as its Inaugural Commissioner. This means the Deppe will guide the creation of new NASEF high school esports clubs and teams across North America, as well as oversee tournaments within the region.

Deppe led the effort to create the world-renowned esports program at UC Irvine and under his guidance, the team has broken world records and led the League of Legends team to a Collegiate Championship earlier this year. With the program, he sought to address competition, research, community, entertainment, and even career opportunities within the esports world.

Deppe believes that his high school-related endeavors will help students “learn in new ways… NASEF is providing a fun environment where students learn how to be both empathetic and driven,” which help them meet challenges creatively. This program is also meant to help students learn STEM-based career skills that will benefit them in their adult lives, along with the fun of honing gaming skills. Deppe has professed to be excited to be joining an organization with “the ambitious goal of providing opportunities for all high school students to develop the skills needed to be society’s game changers.”

NASEF is looking to help all students across the United States, Canada, and Mexico with skills that will turn them into “society’s game changers.” Along with gaming, they want to hone students’ critical communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and learning skills, as well as helping students approach opportunity, community, diversity, and respect. If you’re a student, parent, or educator interested in starting a club and joining the Federation, you can check out NASEF’s website for more information on how to do so. Registration is currently open for an informational webinar on August 29.

The Federation also runs a Facebook page and an Instagram with more Federation information within, as well as two Twitter accounts: an educational Twitter account, and an account that posts esports updates.

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