Midnight Ghost Hunt is an upcoming hide-and-seek title from developer Mellowsoft which takes the idea of Prop Hunt and brings meaning to why you’re a piece of furniture.

The concept of Prop Hunt is a weird one, it’s basically a video game equivalent of hide-and-seek where a team of players spawn as different in-game assets and attempt to blend into the world whilst the other team hunt them down.

Midnight Ghost Hunt takes that idea but adds some interesting concepts. You’ve still got the basic idea noted above, however, the team tasked with hiding take the role of poltergeists with abilities that allow them to screw with the hunting team, such as using their spooky powers to push a chair across the room while they make a swift getaway as a lamp.

In addition, those hiding are also tasked with trying to destroy the hunters’ power source, which shakes up the traditional gameplay loop of “find a convincing spot and don’t move”. Though they can also wait for the timer to run out but, where’s the fun in that?

What’s probably the most impressive thing about Midnight Ghost Hunt is that it’s being developed nearly entirely by one person (though the team is slowly growing).

Right now, Mellowsoft is hoping to launch the game into Early Access and has a beta planned for the very near future. To sign up to the beta head on over to the game’s website.

Check out the video below to catch the game in action:

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