Capcom has announced that following the PC release of Monster Hunter: World, the game has now surpassed 10 million sales.

This is massive news for the game, after becoming Steam’s biggest launch in 2018, Monster Hunter: World has now become Capcom’s best-selling game of all time. This milestone also pushes the Monster Hunter series past 50 million sales.

With Capcom last revealing that the series had surpassed 8 million sales on both PS4 and Xbox One, that’d put the PC launch at over 2 million only a few weeks after launch, which is seriously impressive.

Monster Hunter: World launched a little over seven months ago, in our review we wrote that “Monster Hunter World is damn near perfection. While minor mechanics and very minor gameplay issues might pop up, very little can happen to this game to make it nothing less than remarkable. It’s immersive, expansive locations and a huge variety of monsters will keep me coming back for quite some time.” We gave it a whopping 9.9/10.

Monster Hunter: World Screenshot

Currently, Monster Hunter: World is having a cross-over event with Final Fantasy 14 with The Behemoth coming to Monster Hunter World, and Rathalos finding his way into Final Fantasy 14.

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