According to The NPD Group, the NES Mini outsold all modern consoles in the month of June 2018.

The NES Mini launched in late 2016, selling out faster than anyone believed possible. Reggie Fils-Aime even apologized for the lack of units, admitting they never expected it to do so well so quickly. The miniaturized console flew from stores as fans eager to revisit the titles of their youth bought up all available stock in a matter of moments.

Despite huge popularity, the console was discontinued in 2017, but not for long. Due to the incredible demand, the NES Mini was re-released earlier this year, where it immediately surged to the top of the best-seller chart.

For the first time since records began in 1995, the NES sat proudly atop the chart for June 2018 for units sold according to the industry tracking firm. Boasting an impressive $350million in hardware sales the miniaturized NES dominated the market, displaying a 52% rise in sales compared to June 2017.

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The Retro-resurgence sweeping the gaming market appears to know no limits, reviving old consoles long forgotten by modern times. Fans around the world are itching to recapture their youths and revisit some of their most treasured memories. Nothing illustrates this point more clearly than the overwhelming popularity of this old but gold console topping the charts.

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