Need to kvetch about a movie you really hate? Better take it to Twitter, pal, as of last Friday, Netflix removed all users’ reviews for all of its programming.

After July 30, reviews could no longer be posted, so it isn’t a total surprise that the reviews feature disappeared altogether. “Declining use” is cited as the reason for Netflix‘s decision to cut the feature on its help page. Some users have theorized that overly negative reviews–especially those on Netflix’s original content–is the real reason that the feature was axed, however.

This isn’t the only move that users are a bit suspicious of. Word on the street is that Netflix is now showing ads in between episodes of shows. The idea is that the company can promote its original content more successfully, though it has left a bitter taste on many fans’ tongues who are on Netflix to avoid that very thing.

Despite these changes, the thumbs up and thumbs down personal rating system is still in place, so you’ll still be able to get recommendations on the streaming service–direct from Netflix‘s algorithms.

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