It looks like a new Bravely Default game is on the way if a Tweet from the official Twitter account is anything to go by.

Earlier this week Square Enix kickstarted the Bravely Default Twitter account again with a little cross-promo effort for Octopath Traveler. Square Enix’ latest RPG hit over 1 million sales earlier this week so the Bravely Default Twitter account took this as a chance to celebrate but also tease something new.

The tease began with Nintendo of America tweeting a vague teaser image, which was then followed up by the Bravely Default account with something a little more solid, promising an announcement to do with the Bravely Default series.

As you can see, the above image looks very similar to the cover of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Then this Tweet happened showing a silhouette of the above image clearly connecting the link:

Translated the tweet roughly reads “please pay attention to the game of SE 11 bd in the future m_ _m”. Basically, look forward to the next Square Enix 11 Bravely Default game. The account itself has also changed its name to Bravely _____ which would easily fit “Bravely Third”, likely keeping the same naming pattern as Bravely Second.

Right now, this is all the information we have to go off. Though many are looking forward to a new Bravely game in the not so distant future.

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