Once again escaping from the confines of television and bursting onto cinema screens, The Simpsons and Family Guy both have films in development. Both are set to join the 2020 Bob’s Burgers Movie that was announced last year.

After Dreamworks acquisitions by Comcast Corp., a massive shakeup is coming to the animation outputs of 20th Century Fox, according to Stacey Snider CEO. Fox Television will be partnering with 20th Century Fox on the cinematic adaptations of the enduringly popular shows Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

The original Simpsons movie came out in 2007 and the original Family Guy film (if you can call it that as it was just three episodes of a cancelled show) was released in 2005. The Simpsons sequel was always coming and Family Guy has made three Star Wars spoofs, but their next film is stirring up rumours of the inclusion of Live Action segments.

Family Guy And The Simpsons Screenshot 1

What this could mean is up in the air as Family Guy has included multiple forms of live action integration in the past. My guess is there will be the usual animation you’ve come to know and love, but with a few Hollywood cameos tossed in. Time will tell, but I’m sure by the time trailers drop, we will be oversaturated with information on the Fox animated properties.


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