Niantic Labs has announced that they’re aiming to get PvP in Pokémon Go by the end of 2018.

Pokemon Go is a different game to the one originally released in the summer of 2016 as Niantic has been steadily implementing more and more features.

First came Buddy Pokemon, then daily bonuses, Raid Battles, Legendaries, Unowns, Challenges, EX Battles, Shiny Pokemon, Research Missions (both Field & Special), Friend Lists and now Trading. But since launch, there has been one feature that has been requested more than any other… Player vs. Player Battling.

Since starting on the day of release one of the most cited reasons people stopped playing in my experience was the lack of interactivity between users and more specifically to a lot of people without battles; once you caught your Pokemon there was nothing to do with them.

Pokémon Go Summer 2017


An interesting interview with a Niantic developer (EMEA marketing head Anne Beuttenmüller) which discusses the future and history of Niantic and their upcoming plans. It is mostly the same vague PR chat you hear whenever a popular developer is interviewed but one snippet is of interest to those of us that want to be the very best:

“We are constantly improving the elements that we have available in the game and the next thing that we want to add at the end of this year is the PvP mode,” she said.

Although this has been interpreted from the original Polish via Google Translate it is hard to misunderstand! My Pokeradar is telling me the fourth generation of Pocket Monsters must be close by and with them, PvP battles!

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