During Nintendo’s quarterly investor call, the company confirmed the release window for the next Pokémon RPG which will be landing for the first time on Nintendo Switch.

While the company has always slated the game will be coming in 2019, or more specifically the “second half” of 2019, this vague release window hasn’t really given away too much. Fortunately, during an earnings call, Nintendo narrowed that window down somewhat saying it’d be coming “late 2019”.

It’s highly likely that Pokémon for Nintendo Switch will be launching around the “holiday” season as to maximize the game’s sale potential. This release window isn’t unusual for Pokémon titles as the past few main entries into the series have landed around October / November.

While it might seem like a long while away, Nintendo isn’t leaving Pokémon fans high and dry as Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Let’s Go Eevee is set to launch on Switch later this year which blends aspects of the main RPG series with the mobile hit, Pokémon Go.

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