In what probably comes as no surprise considering the NEXT update, No Man’s Sky racked in a massive 4.3 million hours watched over various streams on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, as reported by Newzoo.

This is the highest amount of viewers that No Man’s Sky has received since it’s launch back in 2016, where it generated 7.8 million hours over the first 30 days.

Obviously, the spike has been caused by the rollout of the NEXT update, which has introduced one of the most important things that fans have been clamouring for since before release, Multiplayer. While No Man’s Sky was said to have multiplayer in almost ALL pre-release interviews, it released with no multiplayer (as well as a plethora of other missing features), which caused the game to be panned by the general public.

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The meteoric rise it’s had in viewership since the NEXT update is interesting, especially as it’s caused previous players to hop back in now that they can actually explore a galaxy with their friends. The NEXT update also seems to be the most popular of all No Man’s Sky’s content drops, as with the Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlus Rises updates, they only generated around 183,000 hours of Twitch viewership, so it goes to show how much the NEXT update has done for the game.

While many have now jumped in to check out the NEXT update, myself included, No Man’s Sky is still in a weird place. Misleading consumers is the shittiest practice you can do and to be perfectly candid, I still think the game is a mess and fairly unfun. Whether the NEXT update will completely change peoples opinions on No Man’s Sky is yet to be seen, but rolling out most of what you promised at launch two years later should really be a death sentence.

Will you be hopping back into No Man’s Sky now that one of the biggest omissions is actually in the game now, or is it too late for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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