Blizzard and Hasbro have teamed up to bring a range of Overwatch guns into real life as Nerf Blasters, and the latest addition is probably the most fitting.

One of D.Va’s most common lines comes when she pops off her ultimate, everyone knows it by now, “Nerf THIS!”. Now it seems Blizzard and Hasbro have done exactly that as they’ve announced a new Nerf Blaster in the style of D.Va’s Light Gun.

As you’d expect it’s pink, it comes with the bunny charm dangling from the bottom of the grip, and it’s the perfect addition to any Overwatch fan’s arsenal. Plus, it saves cosplayers having to build their own (but where’s the fun in that?).

The D.Va Nerf Blaster has a three-round capacity and can fire up to eighty feet per second. The blaster is spring loaded, has a ready indicator, and a safety.

Overwatch Nerf Blaster Reaper Hellfire

This joins the previously unveiled Overwatch-themed blaster based on Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun which in itself has an eight-round capacity and can shoot up to ninety feet per second.

Both Overwatch Nerf blasters are set to arrive in 2019. Pricing for each is yet to be unveiled, and these likely won’t be the only two blasters to be announced over the coming months. I wonder if they’re planning on creating a blaster in the style of Zarya’s Particle Cannon? Now that would be badass.

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