PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) developer PUBG Corp. has finally acknowledged that the popular battle royale game is indeed broken and has launched a campaign to get it fixed.

Despite players saying that PUBG was broken before it launched back in December 2017, PUBG Corp. launched the game out of Early Access anyway. Now, almost eight months later the developer has finally acknowledged that the game is far from perfect and has vowed to fix the game.

PUBG Corp. has launched the website, which will be a one-stop-shop for all your fixing PUBG needs. It’ll offer roadmaps that the developer hopes to stick to in order to deliver “the changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for.” This campaign is set to run through from August to October and address issues around game and server performance, character optimization, and much more.

A short blurb on the website reads:

“FIX THE GAME This is a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential, and you want it fixed. So we think it’s time to do something about it.

‘FIX PUBG’ is a months-long campaign to deliver the changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for. We’ve created a roadmap with specific details about our plans, and we intend to update it as we go, checking things off as we deliver on our promises.”

So prepare the party poppers, order the fanfare, PUBG Corp. are planning to deliver what they should have delivered before the game launched out of Early Access – which I might add is a specific platform that is often used to squash bugs before launch.

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