At Gamescom today Microsoft announced that battle royale mega-hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), would be launching out of Xbox Game Preview next month.

You read that right, PUBG is launching on Xbox One in a little over two weeks time. Now, I’m no expert and to be fair, the last time I played PUBG on Xbox One was a few months back, but that game absolutely is not ready to launch on Xbox One.

But hey, it’s not like PUBG Corp. learned from the launch of the PC version, which eight months down the line have launched a campaign to “Fix PUBG”.

PUBG will enter full release on September 4, it was announced today, and will arrive with a host of new features previously only available to the PC version. This includes the addition of the map Sanhok as well as the game’s popular War Mode. This mode blends the game’s battle royale elements with deathmatch mechanics such as respawning.

PUBG Xbox One

Another addition coming with the full release is that players will be able to purchase currency in the game that’ll unlock cosmetics. Details are pretty thin right now, specifically on what these cosmetics will be, but hey you can throw more money at the game! Finally, the Event Pass: Sanhok was announced which includes cosmetics to celebrate the launch of the new map. Joy.

Much like its PC counterpart, the Xbox V 1.0 release doesn’t mean that the game has finished receiving updates, as you can expect, there’ll be plenty of quality of life patches coming down the road as the developer will  “continue to enhance the game and deliver new content to Xbox players.”

I wonder how long it’ll be until they launch a campaign to FIX PUBG on Xbox One?

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