Toge Productions and Rolling Glory Jam have today unveiled their “contemplative comic platformer” Rage in Peace a game in which everything is trying to kill you.

Rage in Peace tells the tale of Timmy Malinu, a twenty-something guy who wants nothing more than to die peacefully asleep in his pajamas warm and cozily in his bed. Unfortunately for Timmy, Death arrives and tells him that he’ll be dead later that day by decapitation. Nice.

To make matters worse it seems the universe has turned against him as his day becomes full of unavoidable hazards intent on making his day that little bit shorter.

This is where players come un as they’ll be tasked with making sure Timmy gets home in peace to go out without in peace rather than being impaled on a spike, though considering the game is being dubbed as another “rage game” it might not be so easy.

Check out Rage in Peace in the trailer below:

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Rage in Peace is set to hit PC in September followed by a Nintendo Switch release next year. Until then, however, you can get an early taste of the rage by heading over to the game’s website and downloading the title via or GameJolt.

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