Ubisoft has officially unveiled the next two operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Grim Sky.

Operation Grim Sky will bring a new attacker and defender to the game’s rapidly growing list of Operators. While Ubisoft already revealed some brief details about the characters, as well as the news that the game’s Hereford map would be getting a rework, we now have a better look at Clash and Maverick.

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First up, there’s the UK’s Clash, a high-armor, low-speed operator who’ll have a shield. She’ll be the first defender to come with her own shield which can be used to absorb the damage of the opposing team while other teammates find better positions. Oh, and she can also dish out electric shocks to anyone nearby, slowing them down and damaging them slightly.

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Maverick, on the other hand, is a quick-footed, low-armor attacker with a blowtorch capable of burning through walls and floors that are big enough to aim through. The most interesting part of this new gadget that it’s virtually inaudible unless players are close by. Maverick will likely become the choice for those who want a stealthier entry into buildings, or at least a much quieter way to clear the path before other teammates move in.

As for other updates, Rainbow Six Siege‘s Hereford map is getting switched up from its kill-house training feel to something more World War 2-themed. The map’s entire layout has changed too, taking into account how users have been playing Rainbow Six Siege since it launched in 2015.

More details on those changes can be seen in the video below:

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Operation Grim Sky is set to land on test servers today, followed by a full release soon thereafter.

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