Frostkeep Studios’ epic team-based survival RPG, Rend, has finally been released on Steam via Early Access.

Available now for £22.99, Rend will have players teaming up as one of three factions as they attempt to survive what remains of the stunning yet decaying remains of Midgard. This Norse mythology-inspired game blends RPG mechanics with sandbox elements and faction-based combat. Players will be involved in massive battles with win-loss conditions turning the Survival genre on its head.

“Since we first announced Rend, we have been developing it side by side with our players through Pre-Alpha and Alpha testing and by gathering feedback through Discord and our official channels,” said Jeremy Wood, co-founder and CEO, Frostkeep Studios. “Our goal has always been to transform the way players interact and participate in survival games while delivering on the fantasy that they have come to expect from this genre.”

Added Wood, “We have created a unique space that doesn’t feel like any other game in the survival genre and while this marks a significant milestone for our studio, we’re only just getting started.”

Rend is set to offer official servers which will each accommodate players’ play styles, such as Conquest servers which remove the magic shield protecting each faction’s bases. Players can also create private servers and will allow for custom rulesets to shake up the game’s usual gameplay.

The Early Access launch trailer for Rend can be found below:

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