Last year, the creators of Risk Of Rain, Hopoo Games, confirmed that development had begun on Risk Of Rain 2.

While details were scarce, Hopoo Games did drop the knowledge bomb that Risk Of Rain 2 would be in 3D, which is a massive change from the first game, as that was entirely 2D. Many speculated on how a Risk Of Rain sequel would work in a 3D space.

Well, speculate no longer, fellow Risk Of Rain fans. Hopoo Games have dropped a teaser trailer for Risk Of Rain 2. In it, we can see how the 3D transition is going to work. Risk of Rain was hectic as all fuck in the later stages and on higher difficulties, and Risk Of Rain 2 looks like it’s set to be just as hectic.

Multiple pickups are also present, as well as the ability to pay and fix up the broken drones around the map. While they seemed tiny in the first game, Risk Of Rain 2 seems have turned your little drone friends, into giant attack ships.

Risk of Rain 2 screen

From the teaser, we can also see that you’ll still have multiple classes to, presumably, unlock and play as. What’s interesting is there also seems to be some hint towards character customisation, as when there are later shots of the multiplayer in Risk Of Rain 2, some of the models look they have different hats on. Maybe they’re subtly different classes, but I suppose only time will tell.

It’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting more information as Risk Of Rain 2 progress through development. So far, all we know is that you can play the game solo or multiplayer, as well as the fact that Risk Of Rain 2 is on PC, with no mention of a console port so far.

Are you excited for Risk Of Rain 2? Does the perspective change interest you, or will you be sticking to the 2D Original? Let us know in the comment section below.

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