Psyonix has finally released the Progression Update for Rocket League which is set to change the way players level up in the game.

I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea Rocket League had any sort of progression system. Sure, players can earn “Pro” and “Expert” labels, but these were typically earned after a certain amount of games – or something, I honestly don’t know. Fortunately, things are set to be a little clearer.

Now, things are being shaken up a little with the Progression Update which is now available on all platforms. This new system “retools” in-game XP which removes the current level cap (there was a level cap?!) as well as flattening the amount of XP needed to level up.

This, of course, allows for Rocket League players to earn way more rewards based on these levels such as in-game items and titles. What’s more, XP can now only be earned Online, which means players will no longer be able to “game the system” by playing Offline and racking up mad XP.

Rocket League Club Page Screenshot

The update also comes with a brand new Clubs System which allows players to create and manage clubs which can have up to 20 members. This will allow for more organized tournaments and matches as they’ll be able to pick from players from within their own clubs. It also allows for players to compete against other clubs in Club Matches, which seems pretty good, especially considering Rocket League’s esports scene is booming.

More information about progression and XP changes coming to Rocket League can be found on the game’s website, the same goes for the new Club System. Finally, the full patch notes for the update can be found here, which includes information on some quality of life updates and of course, new Achievements and Trophies.

In other Rocket League news, Psyonix has also dated the game’s upcoming Rocket Pass, a progression-based pass that’ll unlock a total of 29 rewards for players. This pass will arrive on September 5 at 6.00pm BST and will run through until November 26. There’ll be both a free and premium version of the pass, with the latter offering more rewards to players.

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