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The day that Sagat and G dropped into Street Fighter 5 was the greatest day of your life, but for me, it was a Tues… er, Monday. Goddamnit Capcom.

So, June 6 is the day we get the final 2 characters from Street Fighter 5’s third season of DLC. Not sticking with the other season of the game, where characters dropped every few months, Capcom has decided to throw caution to the wind and give us G and Sagat at the same time.

Let’s start with G, seeing as he’s completely new. G, nicknamed the Man of Mystery (Austin Powers, please?) and self-proclaimed President of the World, is a new character who plans to unify the world as its leader. According to his character synopsis, to do this he wants to use social media. While that may sound like a dumb idea, weirder things have happened in politics recently…

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G seems to be adding an extra mechanic, where he absorbs power from the earth to increase a Presidentiality meter. The higher the meter, the more his special moves will do, but if he’s knocked down, then the Presidentiality meter will drop. G also has access to a move called Message to the People, where he delivers a speech to “unite all citizens of earth”. All it does is give extra EX Gauge while leaving him vulnerable to attack. His V-Skill, dubbed G Barrier, absorbs projectiles and launches the opponent into a juggle state. Unlike Ryu’s parry, G Barrier can be used in the air, making it pretty useful.

Sagat is a man who needs no introduction. Video gamings most iconic kickboxer (take that Adon, you annoying fuck) is back with his scar and eye patch. In Street Fighter 5, Sagat has become a hermit in a secluded village, but like always, he’s still after a rematch with Ryu.

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Based on the footage, Sagat looks to be back as you’d expect. Naturally, he still has his Tiger Uppercut and Tiger knee but you can tell he’s going to be a projectile madman, with his Tiger Shot looking stronger than it’s ever been. Seeing as Street Fighter 5 has a lot of ways to mitigate projectiles, it’ll be interesting to see where Sagat sits on the power table.

With the arrival of Sagat, we’ll also be getting a new stage called King’s Court. It looks to be a reimagining of his classic stage from Street Fighter 2.

street fighter 5 screenshot

G and Sagat are available individually for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money or as part of the Street Fighter 5 Season 3 character pass for $29.99, which also unlocks Sakura, Blanka, Falke and Cody.

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