Sea of Thieves has crossed 5 million players, developer Rare has revealed. This number combines both Xbox One and PC players.

While the waters might be much calmer than around launch, the Sea of Thieves is still bustling with gold-hungry pirates, and I don’t blame them, the game only keeps getting better as time goes on. So it comes as no surprise that the game has surpassed 5 million players.

This news came just ahead of the release of the game’s new Cursed Sails update which is set to bring enemy Skeleton Ships, a brand new three-player Bigantine, and a whole new Alliance system which will allow players on different ships come together to tackle tougher foes.

A brand new limited-time campaign is also set to begin and will last for three weeks and will once again introduce new rewards each week for players to try and pilfer.

Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails

Cursed Sails is just one of many updates coming to Sea of Thieves over the next couple of months. Since launch, the game has also received plenty of improvements and content including the addition of a Megladon, among other things.

Will you be one of the five million players set to return now the Cursed Sails are among us? Let us know in the comments below!

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