Yacht Club Games and Dan Fornace LLC have announced a new collaboration to bring Shovel Knight to their competitive brawler, Rivals of Aether.

Shovel Knight will be coming to the game this fall along with a brand new stage based on the Troupple Pond level in Shovel Knight, all for the relatively reasonable price of $4.99.

The character will also bring a couple of new mechanics along for the ride. When Shovel Knight damages an opponent, he’ll knock out gems which can then be used to summon Chester during the match. This will allow players to upgrade Shovel Knight to adapt to the current gameplay.

This isn’t the firs time Rivals of Aether has collaborated with another studio to have a character brought into the game. Previously the game worked with Microsoft Studios to bring Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest into the game.

A trailer for the DLC has also been unveiled which you can see below:

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