Sony has announced a limited edition PS4 Pro which comes in a stunning translucent blue to celebrate the PlayStation selling over 500 million units.

No, Sony hasn’t just managed to shift over 400 million PS4 consoles, this limited console release is to celebrate the PlayStation brand overall shipping 525.3 million systems, which is pretty damn impressive. Sony recently announced that the PS4 had shipped almost 83 million PS4 units.

This limited edition PS4 Pro console harkens back to the 90s trend of having see-through electronics with a translucent dark blue color letting us peek at the inner-workings of the console. It’ll also come bundled with a matching DualShock 4 controller and PS Camera.

The 2TB console has some really tidy details on it too with the PlayStation logo being emblazoned in gold on the side as well as a gold plate on the front displaying the serial number.

You’ll also need to act fast as the 500 Million PS4 Pro is limited to only 50,000 units. It’s set to launch on August 24 and will retail for $499.99.

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